Food for Life Vrindavan

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About Us

FFLV educates poor girls in Vrindavan, empowering them to transform their lives & communities, through a service-oriented approach committed to integrity and excellence.

Food for Life Vrindavan is dedicated to serving the poorest of the poor residents of Vrindavan since 1990-- particularly girls and women.

FFLV has been operating free schools, Nursery through 12th Grade, since 2002. FFLV provides food, transport, education, medical help, and skill training currently to 1320 girls & scholarships to 190 boys from underprivileged families of Vrindavan, India, UP. 88 girls have so far graduated from 12th grade, 86 girls are now sponsored through University, and the first student group graduated University in April 2017.

Latest Listings

Digital Editing Volunteers to assist with a Proof of Concept Short Film (Volunteer Opportunity)