Companion Star

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About Us

Companion Star is an international performing arts collaborative formed for the purpose of creating, producing and presenting improvisational music theater. Our approach to experimental new-music theater is reflected in our production development, casting, and performance space arrangement. Companion Star’s productions are mounted in a non-hierarchical system involving physical artists and artisans as well as conventional theater personnel, and are presented in intimate and interactive environments. Companion Star’s productions are developed in a workshop-oriented system intended to dissolve traditional boundaries between performers, musicians, producers, directors and other participants. This organic approach is designed to produce fully integrated works in which every facet of the production, from initiation to completion, is shaped by the ideas that arise from the collective work of all members of the collaborative. Reaching beyond traditional theater personnel of actors, dancers and musicians, our productions seek to involve physical and visual artists whose work is incorporated into both the presentation of the production and the story itself. In keeping with Companion Star’s collaborative approach to the performing arts, these artists are fully involved in every phase of the production from conceptualization to presentation.