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Supsatit Wittayakarn School, Kamphangphet Thailand

If you looking for teaching and traveling in Thailand.

We do not need need teacher who has teaching experience (though we are delighted to get anyone who does have experience...especially if you are a retiring or retired teacher or a teaching assistant) and you will work in the school which is located in world heritage province in Thailand. We offer you a good salary. If you are not experienced, you do not have to be worry. You will not be left alone until you are confident you can deal comfortably with the task. And even then you will have someone around to help and offer advice.

As a volunteer, you will serve as a full-time English language teacher. Your role will be to build students' confidence in English through creative, orally-focused English lessons. Although your students may have learned some English already, they may never have studied with a native English speaker. Volunteers are also encouraged to contribute to their school community outside of class hours. You may want to set up an English club, help in the school library or computer room, participate in sports, or help students prepare for cultural performances.

Qualifications include:

  • Bachelor's degree (in any subject)
  • Must be a native-level English speaker
  • Comfort and independence working in cross-cultural environments
  • Good people skills and organizational skills
  • Flexibility and creativity in problem solving
  • Interest in international education and development
  • 25 hours ESL service before departure (after acceptance to the program).

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