GRACE (Growth Resources Action Community Empowerment) Cares

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About Us

Our Mission is to empower communities to foster, preserve, and share their indigenous cultures and traditions. This is accomplished by building healthy, educated, productive communities. GRACE Cares provides expertise, funding, and support for health, education, cultural preservation, and economic development projects.

GRACE Cares, Inc. is a Vermont non-profit corporation and an IRS 501(c)3 Public Charity. GRACE Cares was founded in 2002 by Ken Giancola, Zoe Kopp and T Namaya, and is run entirely by volunteers. Our Board of Directors has management, development, education, and healthcare experience in over seventy countries.

These experiences led to the recognition of the value of community as an integral part of a healthy world. Globalization, population increase, and economic expansion often apply pressure to once healthy communities without always providing the accompanying benefits. Especially in the case of rural communities, traditional living arrangements, medicine and education are often lost before the "modern" alternative is available. Frequently, the answers to present problems can be resolved by returning a community's traditional strengths. Supporting a school, building a well, or having community meetings on healthcare can serve as a rallying point and social catalyst for a community.

Over the past decade GRACE Cares has partnered with communities in the US and abroad on projects that improve quality of life, provide necessary services, and preserve or rediscover cultural traditions. GRACE Cares uses income generated through donations, fundraisers, and grants to fund small projects with big impacts.