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About Us

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) is a growing not-for-profit organisation that supports 32 professional football clubs who are convinced of the social power of football and want to cooperate on a European level. The aim of our network is to promote the connecting power of football as a tool for social development in general and the exchange of knowledge and creating opportunities for local participants of our member clubs in particular.

The mission of the network is to support community engaged football clubs and/or their affiliated CSR foundations to share knowledge and experiences through the international exchange of staff, volunteers and participants, international conferences, a digital knowledge platform and combined European community programmes - on an European level to improve quality and efficiency for national and local initiatives.

To promote the connecting power of football as a tool for social development, in particular aimed at (inter)national and local community programmes aimed at disadvantaged people in Europe. EFDN inspires and empowers football clubs, players and fans to act as role models for people in their local communities. EFDN members act as multipliers, using football as a sustainable tool to promote health, inclusion, education, employability and creating chances for people all over Europe.