GLBT Bar Association of Washington Foundation (QLaw Foundation)

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About Us

The GLBT Bar Association of Washington Foundation (QlawFoundation) exists to bridge the divide between the GLBT community and legal professionals. Through its programs, the Foundation seeks to educate the public and the courts about GLBT legal issues and empower community members through informed access to the legal and judicial systems. The Foundation administers a summer grant program that offers summer internship grants to law students to work on projects that benefit the GLBT community and/or people living with HIV/AIDS. The Foundation also offers, in conjunction with the King County Bar Association, a GLBT Legal Clinic that provides free legal advice on GLBT issues. Other activities and efforts of the QLaw Foundation include working to develop educational materials and presentations for the benefit of the broader legal and non-legal community, efforts to address the needs of at-risk youth, and planning its annual Falltacular fundraising event.