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About Us

The Center for Arts Education offers a variety of programs for students, families, teachers, and school leaders during and afterschool. Artist residencies and professional development sessions are designed to address the Common Core Learning Standards and tailored to accommodate each school’s goals and resources. Many programs include field trips to museums and live school performances by professional musicians, actors, and dancers.

Teaching and Learning is an integral part of CAE’s mission to ensure that New York City public school students have quality arts learning as an essential part of their K-12 education. Our innovative approach includes arts learning through parent and child engagement (Parents as Arts Partners), career development (Career Development Program), and a wide variety of customized artist residencies in music, theatre, dance, visual arts and digital media. Each unit of study is tailored to address our schools' interests and goals.

As well, CAE is dedicated to improving the quality of teaching and learning through Professional Development, giving principals, classroom teachers, in-school arts specialists, teaching artists and arts organization administrator the opportunities they need to advance and enrich their abilities to bring quality arts programming into their schools.

The Center for Arts Education (CAE) is campaigning to restore a quality arts education for every child in every school in New York City. We help parents become advocates for arts in their children’s education—in their homes, at their schools, and at every level of government. We also work to educate policymakers and the public about the need for arts education as an essential part of a well-rounded education and an essential contributor to children’s health and well-being.