Rolling Hills Community Church - Tualatin, OR

  • Oregon


3550 Southwest Borland Road
United States

About Us


We are a group of diverse people united in our commitment to…

<blockquote>Reach the world one person at a time, as we learn to think, love, and live like Jesus, and reproduce that in the lives of others.</blockquote>

We seek to be in real community together, where it’s safe to be known and walk alongside each other as we pursue Jesus. When we are in genuine relationships with others who are being guided by Jesus, as revealed in the Bible, God transforms us. He takes what is broken in us and makes it whole. As we experience our own love relationship with God, our heart for the needs of others cannot remain indifferent. As a church family, we are motivated to move toward the people and needs in our community with love and compassion.

We believe God is at work in us, as well as through us, to positively impact our community, region, and world.

Our Mission & Vision

Reach the world one person at a time as we learn to think, love and live like Jesus, and reproduce that in the lives of others.

Rolling Hills has always emphasized small groups as a means to accomplish our mission. Community Discipleship focuses on creating and encouraging small groups to be on mission together within their community, sacrificially serving, sharing the love of Jesus, and becoming disciples who make disciples.