Putnam Avenue Upper School

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About Us

Our Vision And Values

At the Putnam Avenue Upper School, we are committed to developing a community of reflective scholars and staff who have a passion for learning, for social justice, and for leadership; who take pride in ourselves, our school, and our community; and who take ownership for our work and our actions. With support from peers, staff, families, and school partners, members of the Putnam Avenue community will engage in challenging academic and social experiences and will cultivate an understanding of the importance of balance and perseverance. These are our core values:

Passion We define passion as a combination of love and commitment, and it is passion that drives our community towards excellence. Academic excellence is of the utmost importance to our community, and we are equally as passionate about equity and understanding the world around us. Our passion leads us to recognize that each and every one of us is a leader. From our classrooms, to our community, to our world, it is our responsibility to use our knowledge to better the world we live in.

Pride We are proud of the work we do, both inside and outside of the classroom. We set goals and recognize the accomplishments of ourselves and our community members. Pride in our work drives us to want to improve.

Ownership A great school relies on a strong system of accountability. We are accountable to all of our community members, and ultimately to ensuring the success of all Putnam Avenue scholars. Thus, we take ownership of each aspect of our school. We understand that we are in control of the choices that we make and that each choice leads to an outcome. As a result, we make choices that are positive for ourselves, our community, and our world.

Balance We believe that balance is essential to our individual and our school s success. In school and out, hard work must be balanced by periods of laughter and rejuvenation. We focus on developing each aspect of who we are as individuals, knowing that our school culture will be balanced and happy if we are balanced and happy.

Perseverance We recognize that our relentless quest towards excellence is full of obstacles and conflict. We will encounter challenges, and we believe that overcoming these challenges will make us stronger. We navigate moments of conflict with communication, transparency, and open minds. When the going gets tough, we do not give up, but instead, we work harder.