Children's Global Health Initiative

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About Us

Our mission is to enable sustainable global health for children and their communities through education, training, clinical care and translational research.

We create sustainable programs specifically by collaborating with local in-country clinics and institutions so that the knowledge, training and education we provide persists within local resources long after we have left.

The CGHI believes that the key to achieving global health for children and their communities is through creating a sustainable infrastructure for Clinical Service, Education and Research. To that end, we focus on creating bi-lateral relationships in which training, resources and research results are shared. We currently have three focused country programs in Ecuador, Uganda and Vietnam that represent a model for sustainable, long-lasting impact.

These programs focus on the cornerstones of sustainability: Capacity Building - improving infrastructure such as clinical labs and associated training to advance our understanding of in-country diseases, Clinical Service - identifying areas of clinical need and providing hands on training and education, and Translational Research - identifying areas of research that will advance our understanding of in-country diseases and help direct interventions and policy. In addition to our signature country programs, the CGHI has a variety of other clinical and translational research projects underway across the globe. Our goal is to utilize these smaller projects as a core foundation from which to develop the capacity building, clinical services and translational research needed to create additional signature programs over time.