Evolver Santa Fe

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Santa Fe
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About Us

Join the group and start connecting. Let us know what is happening with you and the groups you are a part of. Share any events you are hosting or think we should know about or that you would like to collaborate on with Evolver Santa Fe.

This is our online hub where you can keep updated on the latest events and projects we are working on, as well as post your own events and services. If you have something to share, feel free to contribute your thoughts to the discussion. More than that, come out to our next event and meet us in person! Ultimately we are trying to get people out of the virtual world and take action on a practical, "realistic" level. From building a community garden and organizing workshops on sustainable living to hosting presentations on revolutionary science and our current civilizational crisis, we are nurturing a growing movement of radical evolutionary thought.

The Santa Fe Evolver is collaborating with individuals and organizations in the Santa Fe area, organizing film screenings, workshops, panel discussions, regular news letters and podcasts, and much more in an effort to create a symposium for cultural transformation.

If you are interested in being involved in any of these areas, get in touch. These are co-creative projects and events, so contact us about playing/spinning music (or fire), putting up art, doing a workshop, leading a ceremony, or whatever you bring to the table!

We are participating in the internationally synchronized Evolver Spore Events that occur around the third Wednesday of each month. This connection to a larger community energizes, cross pollinates and supports our smaller local communities.

(we can’t wait for “them” to do it for us!)