Urban Scholars

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About Us

Program History

What began in 1993 as a pilot program based loosely on a community program at UMAS designated to use enrichment activities to encourage both the junior high and high school at-risk students to succeed academically. Today it has become the umbrella program of the City College of New York’s Office of Urban and Governmental Affairs Community Youth Programs. The program consists of three (3) pre-college enrichment programs supported by funds provided by State, Federal and private donations: Extended School Day, Liberty Partnerships Program and Upward Bound.

In an effort to be successful, the Urban Scholars go the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of each and every one of its participants and their families. The program is committed to ensuring that each participant receives the necessary tools for social and academic advancement. By identifying the specific needs of participants and providing them with quality academic and enrichment activities, projects are designed to strengthen skills and encouraging success both academically and socially. This ensures participants are prepared for successful transition into post-secondary education and entry level careers.

Mission of the Urban Scholars Program The mission of the Urban Scholars Program is to provide participants with the support necessary to challenge our participants to become leaders of tomorrow. Such a mission can only be achieved by addressing the academic, social, personal, and cultural experience and knowledge of each participant. With this in mind, the Program has established the following goals for its participants: Progression of the participantThe Program will ensure that each participant demonstrates consistent improvement in the quality of his or her academic, social, personal, and cultural knowledge and experience.Fostering the development of a well-rounded individualThe Program will strive to instill the skills, and values necessary to succeed through the challenges of adolescence and the rigors of being successful. All participants will be challenged to expand their horizon through their perspective and experiences.Successful completion of CollegeThe Program considers graduating from a post secondary institution of higher education as the ultimate ongoing academic goal. As such, Urban Scholars makes the commitment to provide support to all participants beyond their high school completion.

Provisions of the Urban Scholars Program

To accomplish its overall mission and goals, the Urban Scholars Program provides essential services to each participant:

Academic Services

After-school tutorials; Saturday enrichment classes; Summer College Experience; standardized test preparation; academic counseling

Counseling Services

Assessment interviews; behavioral counseling; family conferences; referrals to professional services; self management workshops

Recreational/Cultural Activities & Social Awareness

College tours; trips to theaters and museums; excursions to theme parks; program retreats and other education and social activities

Program Expectations

What is expected of Urban Scholars Students?

“For those to whom much is given, much is expected”

Like most other pre-collegiate programs, Urban Scholars asks a great deal from its students. They have been chosen to be members of Urban Scholars because they have numerous academic and personal qualities such as maturity, honesty, academic potential, motivation, and the desire to go on to college and be successful. Simply put, Urban Scholars participants are expected to become "Leaders of Tomorrow."