Fair World Project

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About Us

Fair World Project was launched by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) in 2010 to promote fair trade in commerce, especially in organic production systems, and to protect the term "fair trade" from dilution and misuse for mere PR purposes, as conscious consumers expand the market for fairly traded products.

We exist for the following reasons:

  • Conscious consumers armed with informed purchasing power can create positive change and promote economic justice, sustainable development and meaningful exchange between the Global South and North
  • Family farmers and farm workers in North America and Europe are often confronted with unfair volatile prices, wages and working conditions like their counterparts in the Global South; we need to bring fair trade criteria home with "Domestic Fair Trade"
  • The Organic movement, with the advent of federal regulations, has lost sight of the social criteria of fair prices, wages and working conditions.
  • Existing certifiers and membership organizations vary in their criteria and philosophy for the qualification of products and brands for designation as "fair trade". FWP will work to keep the term 'fair trade' from being abused and diluted.
  • FWP cuts through politics in the world of fair trade in order to catalyze the rapid expansion of the universe of 'fair trade' products, in particular promoting certification to rigorous standards that give consideration to the local context of a project.