Punchkin Repertory Theatre

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About Us

Punchkin Repertory Theatre is an art and artist-driven theatre company, dedicated to serving its audiences with new, modern, and classic works that enlighten, inspire, challenge, and unify humanity. In our relentless commitment to the art and the company’s mission, Punchkin Repertory Theatre hopes to spark the evolution of the individual and society to create movement towards a more balanced world.

We would like to help establish Austin as a major theatrical center in the state of Texas and make live theatre a more viable form of artistic enrichment in Austin.

Punchkin Repertory Theatre will be a 501(c)(3) non-profit, professional theatre company and have its own flexible theatre space in downtown Austin within 10 years. We will employ and support diverse theatre artists, both established and emerging. We will encourage and support diversity in its work. In our effort to provide greater artistic opportunities for the community, it will build a network with the University of TX at Austin and create educational programming for Austin’s youth. We will practice sustainable, environmentally conscious methods in its functioning. We will partner with as many local businesses as possible to create a stronger theatre presence in Austin and help fuel Austin’s economy.