Taly Foundation

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665 Franklin Street

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About Us

The Taly Foundation ("Taly") is a nonprofit organization created in 2013 to help meet the needs of young children and their families in Massachusetts who do not have access to a quality preschool experience. Taly Foundation is committed to providing access to and improving the quality of early childhood education in local Massachusetts communities.

To have a meaningful impact on children and improve early childhood education for society as a whole, Taly is focused on the following activities:

  • Providing scholarships to accredited early learning centers for 3 and 4 year old children who otherwise would not be able to attend preschool.
  • Sponsoring relevant college-level courses for early childhood educators on-site at the centers where we have scholarships for children.
  • Providing professional development for early learning center teachers and staff.
  • Engaging families through sponsored workshops which underscore the advantages of a quality early childhood education for their children
  • Connecting families with necessary social services within the community
  • Partnering with community leaders to raise awareness of the importance of educating all preschool-age children and rally support for quality preschool institutions within their borders
  • Participating in local and state based forums to advise and collaborate on the increasing deficit of access to quality early childhood education programs
  • Creating literature in multiple languages to eliminate barriers Improving outcomes by implementing research findings within preschool classrooms and home