Crocheters Anonymous

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Cape Girardeau

United States

About Us

Crocheters Anonymous’ purpose is to work to help two different causes under one unified purpose. The first group of people that Crocheters Anonymous help is the individuals in nursing homes, residential facilities and assisted living homes. By giving the residents an outlet and a way to help others, they are able to participate in one of the most effective therapeutic activities available for them. Not only can they crochet, which is one of the most effective therapies, they also help others with the items they make. Crocheting in a group also can promote and encourage friendships throughout the residents who participate in the program. The second group of people who are helped by Crocheters Anonymous are the groups of people on the receiving end of the donations. These groups are ones that are often overlooked by charitable organizations, the ones that donate to more of the bigger organizations like the Make A Wish program. Although the Make a Wish program is very deserving, there are other programs out there that deserve the attention and donations as well.