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About Us

The AIDS Policy Project is a diverse national group that works on global AIDS and treatment access issues. We've launched an innovative project to advocate for AIDS cure research--an area that his paradoxically underfunded and neglected. Yet there have been important scientific advances toward a cure---in fact, the "Berlin Patient," Timothy Ray Brown, was cured in 2007 (per The New England Journal of Medicine--look it up! :) Our goal is to facilitate a scalable cure for the 33 million people who are living with HIV worldwide. Hey, no guts? No glory.

Our small group is growing quickly. Our members include physicians, lawyers, medical researchers, social workers, students, and people from a variety of national backgrounds. Many of us are also successful AIDS advocates with years of experience.

We're doing a host of exciting things, that change quickly. We have already made a giant impact in this issue.

If you are interested in political organizing, AIDS treatment issues, medical research, social justice, software development or communications, we might be for you.