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About Us

OccupySomething.org was created, in part, in solidarity to the Occupy Wall Street movement. “Occupy” groups have sprang up worldwide, targeting specific issues and injustices. OccupySomething.org seeks to appeal to those who are looking to make ANY positive change, ANYwhere. Occupy something.

Our hope for this site is that it aids those wanting change to actually do something about it by providing an online community where they can learn about existing work and support initiatives important to them.

It Starts Small…

A simple kind act can be the catalyst to breaking down racist, classist and other unproductive “groupist” attitudes, changing individual mindsets and renewing the dedication to helping others, particularly those different than themselves.

-Sharing and refining our talents can help make others proficient in a task or tool, providing avenues for self-sustainability.

-Sharing and refining our intellect can break down ignorance and eliminate fear, the crutch of those unwilling to take a stand.

-Sharing and refining our information can help to educate the misinformed or uninformed on those issues that affect them now, or that are poised to affect future generations.

Get Featured!

We need others to know about the awesome work you do! We invite you to be featured on the website to get the word out, to share with others ways they can get involved, and any upcoming events. There is no cost for this service.

Please visit http://occupysomething.org/service-to-others/ to learn how to get your work featured. We invite you to forward this information freely.