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About Us

Project Hope Foundation was founded in 1997 by Lisa Lane and Susan Sachs, after discovering that each of their children was diagnosed with autism. Together they have built an autism foundation that is dedicated to supporting South Carolina families and individuals with autism, while creating awareness in the community. Through their school Hope Academy to their successful hands-on therapy program Hope Link, they have touched and changed thousands of lives. Project Hope Foundation is making a difference and continues to find new ways to lead the way in autism education and advocacy.

Project HOPE leads the way in serving children with autism in South Carolina through four programs, each focusing on a particular aspect of our mission to:

  • Help families
  • Open minds
  • Promote inclusion
  • Expand potential

Hope Link. Hope Link is a program of HOPE Foundation designed to help families deal with the challenges of autism by providing information about autism spectrum disorders, including symptoms, therapies, interventions, services, funding options, and coping skills. Since 1997, Project HOPE Foundation has assisted over 1,000 families by providing them with hands-on attention.

Hope Reach. In our Hope Reach program, we open minds by providing 25-40 hours per week per child of intense Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy focusing on language, behavioral, social, and cognitive skills. We currently average over 1,000 hours of therapy each week. Hope Reach provides both home-based and clinic-based services. It is the only nonprofit provider of this therapy in Upstate South Carolina.

Hope Academy. We promote inclusion through Hope Academy, a school specifically designed to provide children with autism the opportunity to learn in classrooms with typical peers and a typical curriculum. Since its inception in 1997, this unique school has served over 1,000 children, building relationships that have changed lives. Hope Academy currently has a waiting list of over 80 children with autism.

Hope Alive. Our newest endeavor, Hope Alive, is an innovative approach to expand potential of children, youth and young adults with autism who need continued, creative support in the areas of academics, life-skills, interests, vocational opportunities and experiences.