Twin Cities RISE!

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800 Washington Ave N
Ste 203
United States

About Us

Twin Cities RISE! supports low-income adults in the Twin Cities metropolitan area by providing the academic and basic skills, personal development, and occupational development necessary to achieve long-term self-sufficiency. The cornerstone of our program is our unique Empowerment curriculum, which brings about the personal, internal changes necessary for our participants to achieve long-term success.

Through our partnerships with companies such as U.S. Bank, SUPERVALU and Target, our graduates obtain jobs that pay an annual living wage of at least $20,000 plus benefits, and these companies benefit from our ability to provide them with a skilled, diverse and dedicated pool of employees.

In 2009, graduates obtained jobs paying an average of $24,488 plus benefits, more than five times their average pre-program income. Historically, 82 percent of our graduates remain on the job for at least one year, and 72 percent for two years or more – a track record significantly better than most of our customer companies experience from other hiring sources.

Twin Cities RISE! is in two locations: 800 Washington Ave N Ste 203 Minneapolis, MN 55401

460 Lexington Pkwy N St Paul, MN 55104