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About Us

Since its founding in 1994, the Fair Budget Coalition (FBC) has brought together human service and legal services providers, consumers, advocates, faith organizations and concerned individuals to advocate for a comprehensive and integrated approach to meeting the human needs of residents of the District of Columbia.

We were born out of, and embrace still, the value that human needs must be addressed in a strategic and comprehensive way. Budget makers and policy setters must not be allowed to play "divide and conquer," or pit one vulnerable population or one special need against another. Standing together representing a variety of interests and perspectives, the Coalition brings this message and the voices of our neighbors in need, into the local public decision-making processes. FBC realized that all of our allies — child advocates, homeless advocates, housing, and health groups — were fighting over the crumbs from the City's budget. FBC forges an alliance of untraditional allies and annually develops a budget recommendation report, which has become the foundation of our work. Our budget reports are developed through an intensive community input process that begins with our "Annual Planning Meeting" in October and culminates into our budget report in December. Our budget report is our attempt at putting forth an alternate vision of a budget that addresses the human needs of DC residents.

FBC is the place where community members, service providers and advocacy organizations come together to work collaboratively and strategically to advance a public policy agenda that responds compassionately and effectively to the needs of those who are poor.

FBC is comprised of over 70 organizations and concerned citizens engaged in public policy, advocacy and mobilizing around social and economic justice. We facilitate communication among organizations and the public; we coordinate local advocacy strategies to create holistic programming. FBC is committed to involving clients, those most affected by these policies, in all facets of its work.

Over the years, the Coalition has testified before DC Council, Congress and various agencies; analyzed the budget and prepared budget briefings; held numerous trainings and forums to strengthen the advocacy work of local organizations and individuals.