Open Table of Christ

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About Us

We are creating a place that is open to all who hunger for personal and social change; all who are broken; and all who seek a community with whom to experience a growing connection with God’s grace.

We believe we are called to become followers of Jesus – regardless of ethnicity, race, class, language, economic standing or sexual orientation. We believe our diversity reflects the face of God and enables us to more fully experience the beauty of God.

In our worship we seek to experience the “sheer wonder at the beauty of God, gratitude for the gospel of Christ, and eagerness to deepen self-giving service in God's world.” We worship with a diversity of styles, ancient and new.

In our service and action, we seek to live our lives by a gospel of love. We seek the holiness of God, both within ourselves and in our society. We will stand and act for peace and hope. We seek, in the words of the ancient prophet, to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.”