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About Us

For a long time indigenous peoples have had neither voice nor vote to be able to collaborate on an equal level with the “modern” day world. For hundreds of years their traditions, religions, languages, art, and way of life have been misunderstood, ridiculed, and extinguished in the name of progress. Hundreds of indigenous cultures have disappeared off of the face of the earth and their numbers continue to decline at alarming rates today. With the loss of these cultures we also lose their ancestral knowledge that has been forming for thousands of years.

Our vision is to contribute to order and development and to promote and protect cultural diversity and traditional knowledge by uniting the shamans, masters, healers, and priests of Peru and the world’s ethnicities, empower them to see how valuable they are, and to encourage them to use that knowledge to improve the quality of their lives and the lives others.

Our resources are obtained through the traditional Andean form of mutual help called “ayni”. It is a system of reciprocity that brings balance and harmony through the belief that “If you give you must receive and if you receive you must give back”. We use the “ayni” system with everyone involved in the organization from community members to office staff, volunteers, government officials, national and international organizations, Shamans, scientists, service providers, donors, spiritual leaders, and anyone who is willing to accept our system and participate with our organization.

The people who support our communities will have the opportunity to learn about and experience ancestral ways of healing that can change their lives and help them to become exemplary human beings and to obtain absolute happiness.

Sonqo is a holistic, human-centered nonprofit organization centered in Peru. Our directors and staff are experienced Shamans, spiritual leaders, and professionals who work together to bring together spirituality, the preservation and promotion of ancestral knowledge, community development, and healing by uniting hearts and minds around the world.


Our mission is to approach community development working with God, Wisdom, and Action as its foundation.

Mission Statement Our mission is to serve as a holistic development institution that is open to provide its services to anyone who is willing to participate and who is in agreement with Sonqo’s norms and values. Sonqo is working to fulfill the overall need for the advancement of humanity through spiritual, social, health, educational, and economic structure. Sonqo supports its clients' multi-faceted contributions to current projects and the support of Shamanic knowledge and practices.