Rainbow (RCG) Guatemala

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20 ave 0-35 z.15 VH2
Guatemala City

About Us

Rainbow Cultural Garden is specializing in child education and development. Currently it is piloting a very special project in Guatemala, with other centers with the same methodology in the United States, Canada, México and Ireland. The project aims to develop multilingual, multicultural children; children who will grow up to be global citizens.

We are looking to contact persons from different cultures who could teach children ages 1 to10 yearls old their unique culture and language. The cultures I´m specifically targeting at this moment are American, Egyptian and Chinese.

Specifically we are looking to hire persons who, above all, are passionate about working with children. Just as important, we´re looking for persons who understand the importance of education and its role in shaping the life of the individual and, therefore, our communities and the world. Essentially, we´re looking for people who want to commit their time and effort to educating our future leaders. We believe given their education, these children will have the potential to uphold and promote a more ethical, peaceful world.

Our mission is nurture the following characteristics in all our students:

1. Joy

2. Humanity

3. Skills