Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance

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About Us

The Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance (MIRA!) is a formal coalition of immigrant and non-immigrant groups that began an organization in 2000 to advocate for immigrant’s rights in Mississippi. We are a non-profit voluntary organization with a membership of over 350 statewide, and a 501 (c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Mississippi as a non-profit organization.

Our Mission Statement: “The Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance (MIRA!) works to expand the rights of all immigrants in Mississippi and make them welcome in our communities. We are from union, religious, community, social service, civil rights and immigrant groups. We advocate for legislation and policy change at all levels of government in our state. We join with other organizations in the effort to change our nation’s laws to create a path to legalization and citizenship. We seek to aid those who are in danger. We aggressively defend the rights of all immigrants who seek justice and dignity where they work and where they live. We encourage solidarity with all others who have common interests. We rely on membership participation to implement our agenda. We reach out to both immigrants and non-immigrants to educate, organize and mobilize all interested people and their organizations to join with us. Our work will not end until our mission is accomplished.”