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About Us

Youth For International Development is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded in November 2011,our main objective is to create a platform for youth people to attain sustainable social and economic development globally.

Y.F.I.D aims to promote youth development and welfare by providing a holistic approach to solve these issues through mobilization of resources and working together with stakeholders and the youths at the community, national and international level to provide multi-sectoral solutions to problems affecting young people, by ensuring they are dealt with from the root course to ensure Sustainability.

Global Youth Networks -

Global Youth Networks is an initiative by Youth for International Development to facilitate youth participation in national, regional and International Development. The network has more than 340 members from over 64 countries worldwide.

Global Youth Data -

Global Youth Data is an initiative by Youth For International Development to make youth data publicly available, the aim is to show the real situation affecting the youth world wide in different sectors.

Facilitating Broader access to Youth Data will make policy makers, organizations and institutions working with & for the youth to provide better informed solutions to youth development challenges & measure improvements more accurately, also improve research opportunities for journalist, academia, development agencies and others, broadening the global participation in youth issues.

Global Youth Review -

A news portal on youth affairs.