Comfort Hospice and Palliative Care

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About Us


Comfort Hospice exists to enhance the quality of life for patients and families dealing with a life limiting ilness.


We care for people near the end of life. We believe in the dignity of each person and the value of each human life. Hospice exists not to postpone death but to help the patient and family to live as fully as possible. Death is not denied but accepted and life is affirmed and lived more fully as a result. Death is a universal fact of life and dying is a natural process. We believe that every person is entitled to participate fully in every part of life in order to prepare for death in a way that is personally satisfactory.

More Information

Hospice care is provided wherever the patient calls home – including a private residence, senior or assisted living community or nursing home. Here patients find the most comfort in the routine, established relationships and normalcy of their daily life.

Within senior or assisted living communities or nursing homes, Comfort Hospice preserves that security in the familiar by becoming a seamless extension of an existing on-site care team. Hospice care specialists anticipate and address the complex, physical, emotional and spiritual issues that can arise during this challenging time. In this scenario, patients and their families are able to remain close to the senior or assisted living staff who have known and cared for their loved one, while also benefitting from the extra experience, wisdom and specialized help of Comfort Hospice team members.