Safetyknot Nepal

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About Us

Safetyknot believes in a world without injury. We work with communities, organisations and the private sector to promote safety and prevent injury through Research, Edu-Training, Innovation and Advocacy.

What We Do
Safetyknot promotes safety and prevents injury, resulting disabilities, and fatalities, through four components:
1. Research
2. Edu-Training
3. Innovation
4. Advocacy

Only a limited amount of injury research exists in the world. Safetyknot is adding to this largely neglected area by conducting research to better understand what injuries are occurring in Nepal, and to identity areas that Safetyknot can support.

Safetyknot works with key community members including primary caregivers, teachers, community health workers, and children to design and deliver tailored, bespoke safety training to meet community needs.

Safetyknot believes in innovating safety and strives to create low costs, contextually appropriate, practical, safety products for the whole community.   

To make long lasting change, law and policies are needed to support injury prevention. Safetyknot promotes advocacy at a community and national level.