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About Us

Jobs with Justice is a grassroots, non-partisan coalition of union and community organizations and individuals working together to build unity and support for the struggles of working class people.

Jobs with Justice is a campaign for the rights of working class people. We fight to protect the standard of living of working and unemployed people, and we defend the right to organize and strike wherever those rights are challenged. We oppose racism, sexism, lesbian and gay oppression, and all forms of discrimination that are used to divide working class people against one another.

Jobs with Justice is for action. Members are committed to supporting workers’ struggles on picket lines and at contract rallies; in neighborhoods and communities; and to participating in other actions in support of workers’ rights.

Jobs with Justice will not accept the political status quo. Too many elected politicians ignore the needs of working class people. The erosion of secure, stable, and well-paying jobs; the decline in living standards; the cuts in government assistance to the working poor and the unemployed; the lack of affordable housing and health care; and the deterioration of the right to organize and strike are not simply economic but are also political problems. We want to build a movement that challenges big business’ control of the political process.

Jobs with Justice is part of a national support network for workers’ rights. Western Mass Jobs with Justice will participate in nationally coordinated activities and will support Jobs with Justice coalitions in other parts of the country. We also recognize the importance of international solidarity between workers of all countries.