Centro Educativo Futuro Verde

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About Us

Centro Futuro Verde is a pre-k through 11th grade bilingual, international school offering a rigorous education with a strong sense of environmental stewardship. As a non-profit organization, Futuro Verde invests fully in a high quality of education for its students and scholarships for local families hoping for a bilingual and environmental education for their children.

Located in the environmentally sensitive Southern Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, our region is home to a unique combination of native plants and animals and precious ecosystems that are life to the great diversity of flora and fauna that our region supports. With sea turtle nesting areas and habitats for the re-introduction of Scarlet Macaws, among others, it is imperative that the youth of this area receive an education that will assure their full understanding, valuing and protection of their natural environment. As the future leaders of this area, we need them on the side of conservation and preservation to assure a healthy and beautiful ecosystem for generations to come!