Healthy Illinois Campaign

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About Us

Currently, Illinois relies on costly, complicated and financially unstable methods to care for people who are uninsured. Illinois will benefit from a standard way of negotiating, providing and financing healthcare for all.


The mission of the Healthy Illinois Campaign is to make quality, affordable health care coverage accessible to all people in Illinois.


  • Health care is a basic human right.
  • Quality, affordable health care coverage should be accessible for all in Illinois.
  • Increased access to care, timely preventative services and better management of chronic illnesses promote improved health outcomes and reduce costs of late health interventions.
  • Reducing the burden on local governments that are currently paying uninsured health care costs will save Illinois taxpayers.
  • Less uninsured patients seen in hospitals and other medical providers will reduce uncompensated care costs.
  • Providing healthcare for all in Illinois will balance costs and prevent health-related financial crises for individuals and families.