United Medical Center - The Care Center

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1328 Southern Ave S.E
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About Us

the Care Center provides care and treatment for a variety of infectious diseases in the DC metropolitan area. The mission of Infectious Disease Center is to provide comprehensive, culturally appropriate treatment and to promote health and wellness to people living with infectious disease.

Mission: We are committed to improve our client’s Quality of Life by providing the highest quality of comprehensive care, education and self--‐management skills, with compassion and respect for human dignity, quality of life and the right to privacy. We strive to establish a vital link between our activities and the community in order to provide a positive, life--‐affirming experience for people living with an infectious disease. We seek to transform lives through community health education, care and research.

Core Values:

Respect: We respect our clients as unique, empowered individuals who feel ownership for their health.

Passion: Our passion and enthusiasm create a caring workplace with education and awareness building diversity and multiculturalism that guarantee access to services and research advances. Confidentiality: We believe strongly in the right to privacy.

Reliability: We do what we say we will do.

Environment: We strive for a positive and supportive teamwork environment where staff are involved in decisions, and are effective and competent. Leadership with integrity in a culturally sensitive environment.