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An Act of Dog-Museum of Compassion,
was started by two people who met, fell in love and thought they'd be journeying into the sunset by now, but instead, when they stumbled upon the needless and inhumane destruction of millions of shelter animals, they decided to turn their shock and outrage in to compassionate action.  Their love story was soon replaced by a much bigger love...their love of animals and their journey to creating a museum of compassion and forever fund for shelter animals, began.

OUR UNFOLDING AND STRATEGY... Co-Founder and artist, Mark Barone, knew that in order to wake up a nation to this problem and inspire solutions, he needed to do something monumental to garner the kind of media attention that would be needed, so he painted 5500 portraits of shelter dogs for the future "Museum of Compassion" and has consequently been covered by media, worldwide; PBS, National Geographic, Fast Company, CNN, ABC, FOX, Daily Mail, USA Today, MSN, Huff Post Live, Origin, CBS, Japanese and Korean TV, and soon to be featured by Oprah!

PBS is doing a documentary on An Act of Dog and here is a 2 minute trailer:

THE REALITY... Millions of shelter animals, puppy mill dogs, lab/research dogs, Chained Dogs, and those used in dog fighting rings, are at deaths door and without a voice. But because of the compassionate, life saving work of rescue groups, no kill shelters, fosters and transporters, many of them will live to know love and experience a happy life.

Our project was created to fund the needs of these animals and all of the groups involved in saving them. Sadly, these crucial organizations are severely underfunded and cannot afford to save them all without our collective support. After they have pulled animals to safety, the costs to keep these animals healthy and with good medical care, can run into the thousands for just one animal.

HOW WE AIM TO SAVE LIVES... We are creating beautiful products from the 5500 shelter dog portraits and saving lives through our "Rescue Rewards" program. Every time you buy one of our products, we give rewards of $55, $50, $25 or $10 from your purchase to a rescue organization that you choose from our drop down menu at checkout.

Ultimately, when we get the exhibit up and the Museum of Compassion is open, we will be the epicenter for national/international conferences and a platform for "Ted-like" talks on animal welfare and practical ways we can cultivate more compassion, as well as a place for kids and artists to come and paint for a particular animal charity/cause that they are passionate about, be it Dogs, Cats, Tigers, Elephants, Dolphins, Gorillas, and such like, and we"ll turn their paintings into beautiful merchandise and raise money and heighten awareness for that particular cause.  The time has come for art to lead the way for social change!

As we are just two people doing everything, we would gladly accept volunteers for a variety of needs that we have and encourage you to step up, donate your talents to our organization and join us in our quest to save the rest.


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Issue Areas Include

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