HOPE and HOME : Journey with a purpose




About Us

Our volunteer program makes a positive difference in the lives of the deprived society by providing volunteering opportunities to international volunteers.

We provides support to committed volunteers who have an understanding and respect of all races, religions and cultures. Hope & Home: Volunteer program are intended to be flexible and we aim to accommodate all interests, needs and budgets.

HOPE and HOME : Nepal volunteer program is for foreign volunteers who wish to render their services to Nepal. We send trained volunteer to schools and communities to generate awareness regarding environmental issue, sanitation, income generating initiative, teaching English and health care.

HOPE and HOME Nepal volunteer program that has been formed to address the health and educational needs of the Nepalese people. The organization's activities include fundraising, upgrading medical and educational capabilities, and creating opportunities for volunteerism.

The ultimate goal of HOPE and HOME is to give the Nepalese the necessary tools to help themselves. Your time, talent and volunteer contribution can help us do that. Through our resources and your involvement, together we can better the lives of the Nepalese.

HOPE and HOME offers the unique opportunity to personally experience the richness of Nepal while having a direct influence on improving the quality of life.