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About Us

PEAC Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in New Jersey. PEAC stands for Peace,Education, Art, Communication, and is built on these four pillars. Education, art, and communication are the broad avenues that lead to peace. Through transformative educational projects, we strive to reach the most marginalized youth and use art and communication activities to help them explore and express.


We see PEAC as a growing collaborative network, much like any living system, where elements continuously fall into place through connection and shared resources. We aim to create an alternative web of experiential learning that spreads across national borders, touching people across cultures and generations, to enable diverse avenues of access to and engagement with issues concerning all of humanity. So far this has taken the form of facilitated educational workshops given in various relevant locations across the world, and we are in the process of establishing more permanent campuses to host our education seminars, based on the success of our premier Peace Culture Village.