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About Us

Our mission is to provide a solution to the dilemma of " how do we achieve peace in this world". We are offering a practical plan that details how Peace can be achieved. We believe there can be no Peace in an uncivilized world and to be civilized you must function within a system of law and order. A civilized world would require an International system of Law and Order. With all systems of law and order based on Human Rights any system of International Law and Order would require an International Bill of Human Rights to gain the peoples support. All systems of law and order outlaw the taking of human life, therefore a system of International Law would also outlaw all taking of human life, thus making War or military conflict illegal. An International Bill of Human Rights backed by International Law would become the basic standard of Human Rights all governments would be legally bound to provide for their citizens. When all people are entitled to legalized Human Rights no leader or government would have a right to harm people in any way, therefore a higher level of Peace will be established. We are so sure our plan is the only way to establish Peace in this world we are offering a $ 100,000 dollar challenge to the person or group who can provide a different and better plan for establishing Peace in this world. How many other organizations have the courage to back up their claims with one hundred thousand dollars? Check out our website for more details at - www.wewantworldpeace.com - Peace is possible if we want it. We just need to understand it is all about being civilized and recognizing law and order are the means to becoming civilized. Our plan for Peace in this world is extensive and does provide all the details needed to achieve it. We cannot achieve Peace for you, but we can achieve Peace with you. Thanks Jim.