Movement of Backing and Social Aid

About Us

Metaids (Movement of Backing and Social Aid [English version] is an apolitical and development association recognized by Haitian State and the World Federation of United Nations Associations. Our mission is to work to improve Haitian youth's living conditions and create a better generation. We work in various fields, such as:

Education (families, academic schools, training schools, universities...)

Human Rights ( women's rights, children's ones...)

Economic Development (we finance small businesses, give them insurance...)

HIV/Aids ( we organize reflection and information sessions...)

Agriculture (we enable peasants to find substance to grow national plants...)

Now we have a broadcasting named INTERSECTION regarding women's and children's rights and social life (marriage, jealousy, violence, criminality, etc. Metaids is working hard, in partnership with all those who are willing to really create a better generation.

Josué Pierre-Paul President of Metaids