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About Us

The ePals Foundation offers programs and products that help schools and teachers safely use online technology for mentorship, communication and global collaboration in the classroom.

ePals hosts the largest, fastest growing online K-12 learning network in the world, enabling teacher-supervised classroom-to-classroom exchanges and cross-cultural learning projects that connect more than 25 million students and teachers in more than 200 countries. ePals' LearningSpace and SchoolMail365 offerings provide a safe, online communication and collaboration platform for project-based learning and authentic practice reading and writing. The ePals Foundation's flagship curriculum program, In2Books®, is an evidence-based, field-tested adult/child eMentoring program that promotes collaborative, authentic, and ambitious literacy and subject matter learning for grades 3-5. The award-winning program provides free books, a structured curriculum, and adult e-mentors to some of the country’s highest-need students in a successful effort to increase students’ interests and abilities in reading, writing, and critical thinking. In2Books currently serves about 4,000 students in 30 states.

With its international community, evidence-based literacy pedagogy, and rich media content from its strategic partnerships with National Geographic and Microsoft, ePals is a global center of meaningful learning.