Grassroots Initiatives for Sustainable Development

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About Us

The mission of our project is to improve crop production to the level that farmers and their families, in the village of Kpikpaluk, Ghana, can self-sustainably produce enough crop in order to: a) meet their food requirements throughout the year and to save enough seeds to yield sufficient level of crop for the next farming season, and; b) sell the remaining surplus crop to markets in order to receive income.

We have identified two main obstacles farmers must overcome to achieve sustainable growth: 1) seed shortages, and 2) short farming season. In order to assist the community overcom these obstacles, we have implemented an interest-seed lending program to mitigate the problem of seed shortage. Also, we have assisted the farmers in developing an irrigation system which will allow the community to farm during the dry season.

Our project is planned and implemented collaboratively with the members of the community, that means that every decision that we make regarding our project will not be done with the consent and consultation with the members of Kpikpaluk. This is very crucial to us, as our project is not about imposing our ideas onto the community rather we are giving the community the power to choose how they want to build the future.

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