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About Us

The mission of the Advocacy Lab is to empower youth to take action for human rights. Founded in 2006, the Advocacy Lab (adLab) works to create a dynamic community of high school students committed to international and domestic human rights issues through creative, student-led advocacy campaigns. Building on the energy, talents, and passion of its young members, the Advocacy Lab gives students direction and specific tools to raise awareness and promote social justice around human rights issues affecting youth. The students are empowered with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to become future leaders, engaged members of the global community, and to enact change in their daily lives.

School Programs and Teacher Trainings

Are you interested in adding a human rights element to your classroom or community program? The Advocacy Lab offers several programming options that will engage students in human rights and advocacy. Visit our website or email for more information, including workshop fees and scheduling:

  • Training for Teachers/Educators: Customized to meet your needs.
  • School Assembly: includes presentation on human rights and advocacy, and a specific human rights issue such as racial profiling, human trafficking, child soldiers, etc.
  • 1 Day In-Class Presentation: 1 class period includes introduction to human rights
  • 2 Day In-Class Presentations: 2 class periods on separate days, with the same group of students includes introduction to human rights and advocacy
  • 3 Day In-Class Presentations: 3 class periods on separate days, with the same group of students includes specific human rights issue
  • Semester or Full-Year Course: If your school is interested in creating a semester or full year course in human rights, The Advocacy Lab will provide facilitators and a curriculum. More information is available upon inquiry.