Social Educational & Cultural Development Volunteers(SECD Volunteers)




About Us

Your basic skills, that we sometimes take for granted is worth its weight in gold for those people living in Nepal. Your participation can change the lives for the better and also it gives us the benefit of how other cultures work and live. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 1.To develop our community socially,educationally and economically. 2.Coordinating with foreigners 3.Cultural exchange 4.Sharing ideas. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES 1.Teaching:our community needs instructors of English basically as well as science subjects to develop our community.English is the official language of teaching in our universities,therefore,we need who could assist in the training of our children to develop their English skill. 2.Nurses:Health personnels are needed to develop the health condition of our society. 3.Computer training:Skillful computer instructors are invited to teach computer software packages. 4.Environmental Development:Different constructing activities are going on in our society including water pipe fitting,bore holes etc.