Student Center for Dispute Resolution

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About Us

The Student Center for Dispute Resolution is a student led conflict resolution organization serving Portland State University and the greater Portland area community. SCDR offers a variety of services that promote an approach to conflict that emphasize the practices of respect and understanding. We are dedicated to the promotion of Conflict Resolution as a collaborative and positive process. Most members of SCDR are students in PSU's Conflict Resolution Master's Program.

We offer services such as mediation, facilitation, and training services based upon a self-empowerment model; you know your conflict best. We mediate disputes between parties (although one party MUST have a PSU affiliation), offer individual conflict coaching sessions, and facilitate large groups and meetings so that your staff/organization/team will be able to effectively employ conflict resolution skills at work and in life. We work with you to find the best approach to the conflict you or your group is experiencing, utilizing skills and tools such as active listening, empathy, and creative problem-solving.

All of our services are safe and confidential!