Noble Cause

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About Us

Noble cause works with helpless, poor and marginalised people of India, to eradicate poverty by overcoming the social injustice and economic inequity that cause it. As an NGO, our area of work involves research, documentation, advocacy, training and campaign support on a variety of economical and social justice issues. Noble Cause is determined to confront the underlying causes of economic backwardness. We are Delhi based Indian NGO undertaking a varied set of development activities and policy-oriented research.

1. To plan and implement programs for the integral development of the society, including social, economical, educational and spiritual development.

2. To endeavor for the welfare of all sections of the society specially children, woman and down trodden.

3. To protect human rights of the common man by legal and nonviolent means.

4. To promote and develop consumer-right awareness among the general public.

5. To raise voice against exploitation, injustice, corruption and terrorism, if found against any individual, class, community of the society.

6. To create mass awareness about healthy-living, and to fight against killer diseases like AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Tuberculosis, etc.

7. To strive for the promotion of harmony and love among all citizens irrespective of cast, creed or religion. Sky is the limit for our endeavor.... ........

It includes---child development, eradication of gender discrimination, consumer right, civil-liberty, media advocacy for economic development and democracy.