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About Us

World Without Hate's mission is to end the cycle of hate and violence by educating the public on how to implement restorative forgiveness, peace and compassion in every day life.

Through educational programs and speaking engagements, we hope to prevent hate crimes and their repercussions through the practice of peace, compassion, forgiveness, and healing. The organization hopes in the future to also provide advocacy for the survivors of hate crimes and their families.

World Without Hate is an organization and a movement founded by hate crime survivor Rais Bhuiyan. WWH provides speakers for engagements to discuss topics including radical forgiveness, hate crime, the death penalty, ethics, and human rights.

Anyone can be a member of World Without Hate by enacting the organizational principles in their every day life. WWH believes that we can end hate and violence if we all forgive those who have hurt us, in any way; strive to heal our own anger through forgiveness; help others overcome their pain and move forward in their lives; practice nonviolent responses and peaceful mediation with people in crisis.