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About Us

Adventure Scientists is dedicated to improving the accessibility of scientific knowledge through partnerships between adventure athletes and scientists.

Objectives --
1. To mobilize an army of citizen-scientists that creates an avenue for the science community to gather inexpensive, reliable, and otherwise unattainable datasets from around the world.
2. To give adventure athletes the tools they need in order to have a clear and tangible impact on the areas they visit.

3. To inspire recreational outdoor users to use their time in the wild to help inform conservation minded management decisions.
4. To gain public support for the preservation of natural places.

Our view –
We believe that it is only through true scientific understanding of the perils an area faces that management decisions should be made. As our population and therefore our impacts continue to grow, everyday it becomes more essential that we make the correct choices as a society. There is currently a great void that exists in our understanding of human impacts on the planet. Unfortunately, the collection of data that could potentially shed light on these impacts can be expensive, time consuming, and physically challenging. 

To organize a research project in remote areas demands not only the scientific knowhow, but also the wilderness skills that can take a lifetime to acquire. In addition, securing funding from limited sources can be difficult without datasets already in place or at least the method of acquiring the data in place.
Adventure athletes constantly travel to areas of great need. These ambassadors of the outdoors often want to do more for the areas they travel in but simply have not acquired the skills to do so.
The time is now harness the unique abilities of people who are already going to difficult to reach areas. Adventure Scientists provides the world with the opportunity to learn about these areas on an unprecedented scale.   

While countless other organizations have worked gather scientific data, none have specifically utilized the unique skills of climbers, mountaineers, divers, paddlers, and others to get this data. There are thousands of people in remote areas everyday. They are ready, willing, and able to help protect our planets most vital resources, they simply need the tools to do so.