Methodist Services

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About Us


The mission of the Methodist Services is to provide social services for children, families, and individuals to enable them to have the basic essentials for living and the social, emotional, psychological, educational and spiritual development to achieve their greatest potential.  METHODIST provides these services within the tradition of the Wesleyan Values (named for John Wesley, founder of the United Methodist movement) and its United Methodist heritage. 


While METHODIST is a faith-based organization rooted within the Wesleyan Values, these values transcend the realm of religion and speak to basic tenets of human decency and integrity that are integrated in the helping of all individuals through the provision of non-sectarian services.  METHODIST is committed to the following Wesleyan Values:

  • To recognize people are worthy as God's creations
  • To nurture the capacity to love
  • To empower people to take responsibility
  • To recognize human limits
  • To serve the poor and children