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About Us

Vision: NEWPAGE has a vision of providing communities with self-sustainable development, which guarantees generations to become an independent decent and live comfortable life. Mission: To support, provide and encourage activities that promote good livelihood development in the community. Objectives: • To improve the quality of life of the youth through the acquisition of relevant skills and knowledge to enable them makes informed decision in economic and social matter.

• To promote the healthy growth and social welfare of the youth.

• To enhance women’s ability to improve the quality of their lives through participatory decision- making, access to and control of resource, skills and benefits.

• To empower disadvantaged groups, community-based organization and institution

To work for the rights of their members and ensure the recognition of their needs and capacities by the structures of authority

Main Operations: Reproductive Health and family Planning, Leadership Training Women-in-Development, Sustainable Development, Education, Income Generating and Job Creation Activities, Child Development and Information Computer Technology.