Crystal Cove Alliance

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#5 Crystal Cove
Newport Coast
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About Us

Crystal Cove Alliance, the Cooperating Association benefiting the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. We raise funds through sales, private donations, special events, membership programs, corporations and foundations to improve and expand park programs and facilities, with special emphasis on environmental and cultural education, volunteerism, and stewardship.

Our mission is to restore and preserve for future generations the Crystal Cove Historic District's unique cultural, natural and historic resources by creating living experiences for the education and enjoyment of all.

The pursuit of our mission is guided by the preservation and public use vision for the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District as defined in the 2002 State Park Preservation and Public Use Plan and the 1982 General Plan.

Our various programs are designed to compliment our core principles of:

Protecting the Cultural, Historic and Natural Environment
Providing Environmental Educational Opportunities
Preserving Cultural Arts Experiences
Providing Quality Visitor Experiences
Professionally Managing the Cooperating Association's Business Activities