Pakistan Association for Small & Medium Enterprises

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113 - E, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S.

About Us

Pakistan Association for Small and Medium Enterprises, In the year August 1997. PASME is an independent, non-governmental & not for profit organization. It is non-political and non-sectarian in its composition, whose mission is to promote and encourage the growth and development of SMEs.

The size of Small and Medium Enterprises has lots of advantages in terms of flexibility and speed in responding to opportunities and problems. At the same time, such enterprises are always short of resources like: time, money, personnel and know - how exposure. Consequently, their capacity to tackle or confront bureaucratic or other social and environmental obstacles is also very limited.

Small Enterprises, if they are to develop successfully, need variety of services and form of help. Apart from access to finance, they need assistance to upgrade their technology and skills to make most effective use financial help that may become available. They need help on how better to market their products. In short, small enterprises need support services to whom they can turn for information, advice and assistance

PASME seek to help its members achieve optimum success and progress by maximizing strengths, creating new market opportunities, introducing new technologies, and developing managerial and entrepreneurial skills through its various projects.