New Jersey Campus Compact (NJCC)

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About Us

New Jersey Campus Compact (NJCC) is committed to realizing the full capacity for positive change that community engagement provides. As a New Jersey-based higher education presidents’ coalition, NJCC:

·         Works with the higher education sector to promote public service and consistent attention to issues facing New Jersey’s cities in order to support students’ academic and career aspirations, and to develop students’ skills of active citizenship

·         Helps campus leaders forge effective and collaborative community-campus partnerships in order to deliver sustained improvements for all involved

·         Provides resources and training for faculty seeking to develop their identities as engaged, public scholars

·         Shows best practices in action, by connecting civic and community engagement in each urban area in New Jersey with proven practices right across our national network of over 1,100 colleges and universities

It cannot be overstated how important this work is in striving for all New Jerseyans to have the knowledge, support, and opportunity to achieve postsecondary credentials. After all, people educated in New Jersey tend to remain here. These benefits translate into social mobility for families and economic resilience for the state.

We see all higher education sectors as important to the state, and demonstrate particular importance in supporting quality of life in local communities. Our success as an organization is benchmarked against the various ways in which our member college and university communities act as integral partners and neighbors to their identified communities right here in New Jersey.  Not only does this work ensure that the practice of community-campus engagement improves, but we work tirelessly to ensure it remains important in the minds of decision-makers. And our voice is powerful, as demonstrated by the state’s affiliation with the National Campus Compact network of 34 state offices and over 1100 colleges and universities – public, private, two-year, four-year, and research institutions right across the US.

The New Jersey Campus Compact coalition of colleges and universities has a positive and lasting impact on issues that communities identify. This is done by forging community-campus consensus which is vital to shared opportunity and benefit.

For example, our work focuses on raising life prospects for ALL youth. To do this, we focus on:

·         Increasing the number of students and faculty that learn, work and ultimately commit to local community issues. This Results in positive social development and academic achievement for youth on a city-wide scale AND for the college students themselves

·         Increasing awareness of, and involvement in, multi-sector partnerships for collective impact. This Results in an increase in the capacity of these partnerships to deliver broader, sustained impact across entire communities  AND the higher education community

·         Continuously advocating for the equal and connected importance of academic excellence and a sense of social responsibility among all K-20 students. This Results in generations of credentialed adults that can be successful personally and also see their responsibility to society.